Game Designer designing these IPs written in and of themselves as games, these screenplays into Mobile First/AAA Games: Hybrid-casual, Blockchain/ Mobile’s Video Game parity and Scale with GamifiedApp is Gamifiable LLC‘s business model, as with Steve Jobs, this is a Blue Ocean Strategy, so any theatrical productions are adjacent to this business model and that ROI.

Any budgets and schedules are to align with this business model. Copyright, All Rights Reserved – non delegated nor has any been assigned, ECMcCready. I am creating Game Franchises! I can do that with a handful of people remotely versus dozens for that over produced product and at zero growth!

  1. SHIYAN MEISHU: The Heavenly Palace.
  2. SHUAIJAN: A Flick’ring Lamp, A Phantom And A Dream.
  3. ALIEN NINJA AKUMA: The Hannya Mask.
  4. DRAGON STOMP: Raising The Reptilian Race.
  5. GE HUA RU GE YAN: Ars Gratia Artis.