define unsupervised(x,y)
reinforcement = x
x = y
y = reinforcement 
// supervised API for y = 1; at run-time

Name, Identity, Meaning

Monetize clusters and containers and with programmatic adv on runtime decentralized ecommerce’s market with an API that cleans, normalizes and distributes cache hierarchies of information technology architecture:

user input extended as B2C’s that intersect C2C narratives, a new x is for AI cloud centric y’s decentralized ecommerce’s ad-based revenue to B2B’s bottom-up output of Machine Artificial Intelligence’s strategic data acquisition and warehousing that converges blockchain architecture into an AI cloud centric database management by recombining and transforming social media and ecommerce into a solution space of Social Transmedia’s missing middle’s database connections. Providing an interoperable missing middle of B2B’s advertising connections from user conditional input extended to B2Cs decentralized e-commerce outputs.

With‘s CONNECTIONS that are the Trigger for a new x, scale and monetization of Gameplay Action that are Players extended as B2Cs, and with data gathered as y = 1; C2C’s Gameplay with a Mobile Game EXPERIENCE of RELATIONSHIPS provides a Mobile Game Venue of z that is their Reward of a decentralized market with ad-based revenue that seamlessly converges with GamifiableReality, and execution of Ethnographic Gamified CRM is an Asian Niche that integrates localization and location-based trajectories for a billion dollar Mobile Game earner called SPACEZODIACS Bubbles that end to ends domain specifics with‘s Blockchain Gamers.

Unsupervised input Name reinforcement of Identity recursion is a latent
external world that supervises output Meaning.

Remote working model areas to outsource: