Decentralized e-Commerce, Smart Contracts, Tokenization

Monetize clusters and containers and with programmatic adv on runtime decentralized ecommerce’s market with an API that cleans, normalizes and distributes cache hierarchies of information technology architecture:

user input extended as B2C’s that intersect C2C narratives, a new x is for AI cloud centric y’s decentralized ecommerce’s ad-based revenue to B2B’s bottom-up output of Machine Artificial Intelligence’s strategic data acquisition and warehousing that converges blockchain architecture into an AI cloud centric database management by recombining and transforming social media and ecommerce into a solution space of Social Transmedia’s missing middle’s database connections. Providing an interoperable missing middle of B2B’s advertising connections from user conditional input extended to B2Cs decentralized e-commerce outputs.

With‘s CONNECTIONS that are the Trigger for a new x, scale and monetization of Gameplay Action that are Players extended as B2Cs, and with data gathered as y = 1; C2C’s Gameplay with a Mobile Game EXPERIENCE of RELATIONSHIPS provides a Mobile Game Venue of z that is their Reward of a decentralized market with ad-based revenue that seamlessly converges with GamifiableReality, and execution of Ethnographic Gamified CRM is an Asian Niche that integrates localization and location-based trajectories for a billion dollar Mobile Game earner called SPACEZODIACS Bubbles that end to ends domain specifics with

Remote working model areas to outsource:

  • Machine Artificial Intelligence. (Tensorflow.js/Tensorflow ( C++/Python, Javascript).
  • Games Dev (C#/Unity, Blender, Affinity Designer).
  • Top Down, MERN stack, PostrgreSQL, Redis. Solidity, Javascript (Ethereum/Blockchain, Front End, Material Design/Bootstrap).
  • Bottom-up convergence with GamifiedApp (Python/Data Science, Tensorflow)