Great what?

To sanitize, sugar coat genre, particular Heavy Metal Rock and Roll? It devastates the product! This is the Jing! The Chi! And The Shen! To destroy enthusiasm of a Greek word enthousiasmos, from enthous, meaning “possessed by a god, inspired” is a pure evil of this perp Tony Robbins and this twelve step parade of perps disloyal to mankind! And a f***ing hair cut too, bitch! NO F***ING WHITE WALLS FOR ME! I can slick it back in a Pony Tail and cat-walk some real pootang on my arm! What good does it do women if these pervert men into a bunch of mamby pambies?

When I look at these dudes in trouble there with these hos, I say “there for the Grace of God go I! I would never ever pull that sh** now, and if it didn”t stink and I was an overpaid smart-ass rocker then, I bet my ass’d be grass now! Didn’t happen! Clean slate, no smoking guns! Other than the one between my legs, that voice! Pull the trigger!