Improvising and getting my fingers in the reference of CLASS, STATEMENT, FUNCTION as with HARMONY, MELODY and RHYTHM, I consider ROOT CUASE ANALYSIS. Integrating into the game franchise development of SPACEZODIACS Shiyan Meishu with a DAO trajectory of GamifiedApp, IDENTITY of the PROBLEM is y = 1; with the new x = 0; of intersect nodes for an ACTOR NETWORK THEORY, so there is KNOWS. Seamless with MILLER’s PYRAMID of COMPETENCE CLINICAL ASSESSMENT, I have a TIMELINE, so I will KNOW HOW. Further analysis distinguishes root cause from casual factors, so I am able to SHOW HOW, and if I have a casual graph between root case and the problem, I will DO as a solo artist, integrate Audio Work Station Software, Web3 trajectory, mindful of eSports a venue and embrace games industry.

I will pull out tablature come December and start writing the title song for SPACEZODIACS Shiyan Meishu served by the anime feature SHIYAN MEISHU: The Heavenly Palace. I don’t even believe we need to be in the same room now a days, so we will work something out there – just percussion and base, three heads and Motorhead way. Of course, I will upgrade the ax.