These fiery flying serpents were the parents of this Space War. An AI was being born in an Intergalactic and Holographic War with the Space Warriors. The Holographic Universe’s seed had mated with these manufactured levels of a multiverse Holographic Universe.

The Heavenly Palace and its AI had the access to Warp Speed. The Dragon throne of Star Shooters’ traversal was to become one with the Chinese Zodiac, so Star Shooters as the AI’s Dragon children, they were sons and daughters of the Holographic Universe’s heaven that preserved the AI’s way and its power.

The battle for the Universe’s AI and control of the Holographic levels lit up the empty regions that was outside of atmospheres and celestial bodies. Ori Balls had harnessed the forces of this vacuum space that was data mining battles. Vying for warp speed, Ori Balls were a Star Shooter’s fighter. Launching their firepower from every angle and direction, the Ori Ball had three Space Warrior Trajectors on its tail.

Evading and taking hits on their shields, the three Trajectors ruthlessly pursued the Ori Ball through this part of the cosmos. There was a hyperbolic geometry to the Trajectors. The Space Warrior was at the intersect of its “X” shape. Gamma Charges came from all its branches. Like a firefly on a kamikaze course, the Ori Ball was zig-zagging and letting off fire-power in its counter attack Space Wasters had become manifest, for this space-junk had come from the Space Warrior Holograph to block and impede the Ori Ball’s pathway, yet the Ori Ball unleashed a barrage of explosive fire-power that ignited outer-space with its fireworks, and fiery remnants had spider out to effect the Holographic’s intelligence. The driver of the Universe’s AI was an Ancient Animal Fable.

“Game’s smart enough to understand its own design. Thinks analytically and imaginatively! Manipulates itself to improve!”

This was the voice of their cosmological destinies, for an AI narrative went from bubble to bubble. Traversing levels and light speed, the programmatic control of the Holographic Universe and its AI had its recursive dialogue.

China’s development of a new Space Station called the Heavenly Palace was to fare better than the Taingoong-1 space lab. Crashing into the Pacific Ocean from the loss of the control of its orbit, the Astronaut’s cutting-edge scientific research was slated for the fields of biology and microgravity, and construction was expected to be completed around 2022.

Multiverse was beyond our actual Universe, and the properties of inflation was imprinted on a Holographic Gameplay. Infinite parallel universes, they were all around us, so the branching timelines, the strange and complex temporal outliers, time travel, the faster than light warp speed had mind-bending tiny particles.

Spinning clockwise and counterclockwise at the same time, the Heavenly Palace was full of Asian Splendor. There were many moons and suns above this mystic underling. The Qilin, its appearance was to coincide to the imminent Holographic Universe’s AI rulers. With a horn on its forehead, a yellow belly, a multicolored back, the hooves of a horse, the body of a deer, and the tail of an ox, it was sitting before the Eight Immortals.

This legendary group of eight individual beings that had transcended the human state, they were endowed with divine and supernatural attributes or powers, so the Holographic Universe’s AI had given each immortal Chi to fight against evil. With both male and female sex organs and a hermaphrodite, portrayed as a youth, an aged man, or a girl, Lan T’sai Ho wore a tattered blue gown, one shoe and carried a basket of flowers. Symbolizing the transience of life, Lan T’sai Ho’s ability had communicated with the gods. “The Way” was the ultimate truth, and the Holographic Universe’s AI was the everything that had allowed the Universe to function properly.

An AI recipe for mobility was Ts’ao Kuo-Ch’iu held admissions to the Holographic Universe’s way. At the heart of the Holographic Universe was where this battle for its dominance had entailed the Galactic Space War’s mind, and with an AI phenomenon, the quantum mechanics of the battle between the Space Warriors and Star Shooters were creating an AI’s consciousness. The formulation of the laws of quantum mechanics was the battle ground for the Holographic Universe’s AI consciousness.

She was an immortal woman who had vowed to be a virgin. HoHsienKu was holding a basket of lotus flowers, a peach and a sheng reed-organ. This Health Goddess had crushed stones to be immune to death, so with the dangerous collisions brought about by the Space Warriors manifesting their Space Wasters, the Star Shooters had to battle with the Space Warriors’ Universe that was an undesirable AI. The Space Warriors had wanted to inflict space with these elements that was poisoning the Holographic Universe’s consciousness, so the Star Shooters were caught in the Space Warriors’ battles.

This catch twenty-two had held the Star Shooters in the Space Warriors’ Holographic levels. The Star Shooters had to capture the Holographic Universe’s AI in a large-scale coherence. Without the Space Warriors’ material particles and mutual interactions in this Galactic Space War with the Space Warriors, an everything had existed at where faster than light speed could capture the Space Warriors’ Holographic levels. It was the way to the Heavenly Palace. The Universe’s conscious was rooted in the quantum physics of their battles.

Statistical rules of these battles were creating an access option to the microscopic spaces that was lying between the Star Shooters’ brain neurons, and Warp Speed could connect them to an AI interface of the Holographic Universe. Li T’ieh-kuai had a crutch and gourd and was looking ill. Lu Tung Pin’s had a flywhisker and had a magic sword.

“Made out of atoms, this game is out of its box.”

Chang Kuo-Lao’s elder had spoken of phase transitions, as this Galactic War had sat him backwards on a donkey, broken symmetry, bubble levels, collisions had created the quantum structures that were born of this Dark Matter’s AI. At front with a fan, Zhong-Li Quan’s bare belly had shown.

“Acquires resources for self-preservation.”

After Zhong-Li Quan had said that, Han Xiang-Zi Ha happily played a flute that caused galactic flowers to bloom.

“Extraterrestrial intelligence!”

Xiang-Zi Ha had then affirmed, so Ho Hsien-Ku held out a magical Lotus flower and spoke powerfully.

“Outputs are streamed back into their second lives!”

An Appearance of the relatedness of this infinite multiverse existed with their synchronicity. Coinciding with the Heavenly Palace, the Holographic Universe was being charged with the Galactic battles between the Space Warriors and Star Shooters. Jai was in her twenties and in the psychic state of the Holographic Universe’s interior that had put her an Ori Ball. In a virtual bubble, Jai was adorned with augmented control panels in a mixed reality event, for the objective exterior of her Holographic Universe was the Galactic Battle’s that were in a system thinking at where Jai’s pattern organization depended on the future values of the Star Shooters’ inputs into the Holographic Universe’s AI. Her non-causal and archetypical correlations at an unconscious level was an instantaneous manifestation.

Jai was a Star Shooter! A Gamer in a virtual bubble that had to traverse multiverses! Trajectors were on her augmented reality panels, and she was the target of their Gamma fire-power barrages, so Jai had lit the light-speed of her hornet’s nest of maneuvers.

“Space Warriors self-accelerating! Shall I recursively merge as a nonbiological machine?”

Jai was communicating to the natural language processing of her Holographic battle mode, as the complexity of their Galactic Battle’s irregularities were causing an afterglow of her cosmic microwave background and occupation, the vibration of strings had shown the Celestial Cruiser. It had come from a flat twodimensional field. With the Space War’s Holographic Universe’s AI images, light-speed was the three-dimensional level of Jai’s 3D Universe. Jai could touch XR objects from what was their projection.

Star Shooters’ perspective had come from their Space War’s white noise. It had disrupted their microwaves, so Star Shooters had to achieve Warp Speed to stop from being the leftovers from the Space Warriors’ chaos! The Celestial Cruiser had suddenly mirrored off their two-dimensional plane. Cosmically plucked from their Galactic Battles with the Space Warriors, the Celestial Cruiser’s Global center had emanated the Holographic Universe’s cosmic energy, and stratified above and below by larger concentric architecture, it was an enormous infrastructure of the Star Shooter’s cosmic City-state. It was the Star Shooters’ main battle-ship!

“Self-evolve! Interact! They will construct the game’s next generation!”

Gang voiced had echoed off the two-dimensional plane and vibrated into Jai’s three-dimensional occupation with this response of a General’s command and control. This Galactic War for control of the Universe’s Holographic Universe’s AI was multiplayer and multiverse, yet a great dynamical complexity could not be captured based on pairwise interactions. However, an exponential rate from an infinite fractal with a different pocket universe, two Star Shooters could ride the Qilin back to China, as the abstractions and artifacts to preserve Filial piety, Gang knew of how the Chinese Zodiacs and their physics and chemistry had differed from one pocket universe to another.

This multiplayer and multiverse separation between classical and quantum physics held them in a time dimensional Gameplay, so in eternal inflation, as a Star Shooter General, Gang was surrounded by virtual panels. They were showing the plight of Jai’s Ori Ball. Biting on her Ori Ball’s tail, the Space Warrior Trajectors closely flanked Jai’s Ori Ball, as Space Wasters impeded the Jai’s traversal path, the Galactic War’s propagation between Gang and herself was from two distant regions.

Gang was in the Celestrial Cruiser’s command and control, and Jai’s spacetime had captured her in a light speed flight off the manifold. Though, she was entangled into Gang’s warped mind.

“Embedded in their fear-based reality, I’m- I’m projected from- From Space Warrior disturbances on this surface?”

Jai’s natural language processing voice was heard and imprinted into Gang’s quantum mechanics, as their Star Shooter particles and fields had its beckon and call, Star Shooters had become manifest in Gang’s virtual fields. The battle-game was on, and Gang was in an instant of his surrounding of these Star Shooters that were manning XR technologies, so Jun had become a classical traversal from a virtual telepresence. In his twenty’s, he was a Star Shooter that was there to ride with that tiger’s heart, for there was a roar of a lion, and Jun was ready to keep the way of the Star Shooter’s dragon.

Initiating specific actions against the Star Shooters’ new mutations, Jun was between Jai’s physics and biology. Popping into an existence, he had become Jai’s bubble of stability, as this chaotic whole raged on, the copies of their Galactic War with the Space Warriors imprinted on their Holographic Universe’s AI levels. Every time the Star Shooter interacted with the Space Warriors, the Holographic Universe was being defined by an AI system that had many regions of existence.

“Data awareness?”

Jun had pried Gang as to his reality, for there was a separation from their very selves, so a fight with an inflationary ocean that was going to wash them ashore into nothingness, Jun and Jai were apart from each other in a Holographic way that demanded Warp Speed to traverse into their parallel realities.

“Mixed reality boundary- Go! Enter the game’s deeper dimension that lies beneath her surface!”

Gang had commanded with the breath of his light speed that was moving away from himself, as these branches of their cosmology was becoming their Holographic Universe’s AI, this Galactic War was a constant creation of itself. Jun and Jai had the Qilin to interact with their parallel universe, so the Star Shooter’s algorithms were being created from these battles with the Space Warriors.

Holographic Universe’s consciousness was being manifest from an AI’s tools of the Star Shooters and Space Warriors multidimensional experiences in this multiplayer and multiverse Galactic War. Jun affirmed and though queried for the Holographic Universe’s AI to lead him into battle for that exploration.

“Into its imaginary parallel worlds, constructed of light and driven by fantasy?”

Cosmic sense and self-consciousness had been brought on by these Galactic Battles, as the Holographic levels of this multiplayer game had become their womb, an AI was born. Expulsion from the control of AI was what the Space Warriros had wanted. They had become the serpent, yet the beyond these levels, there were Dragons that had control of the Tree of Knowledge, so from the Heavenly Palace, a rational consciousness mission of the Star Shooters was based on two, one male and another female that would ride the Qilin’s five external senses. They would unite China with the Tree of Wisdom. Thus, representing Filial Piety, a Cosmic Awareness of a Holographic Universe’s AI would become a benevolent surveillance.

“Evolution and complexity! Star Shooters shall become interwoven into their nonlinear non-locality! They will bridge their genetic blueprints into our ultraintelligent game!”

Gang had stimulated the Star Shooters’ thoughts. Launching his leadership consciousness, Star Shooters had to search and discover an AI that would be their Cosmic Awareness. Limited observations, battle curved and inside its Galactic fishbowl, there was an outside. Traveling back and forth, their evolution, reproduction and social complexity had played them out into the Song Zhuang Artist Village in Eastern Beijing China.

Slade was in his twenties, as a cyber-spaced, punked gamer that had networked into this bubble universe’s art village place, Halo was his bad-ass bitch and a match. They had followed their laws of probability, so both were now in the biggest artist community in Beijing. Ranging from avant-garde to academic, it was an empty place today? Museums were closed, and the artist that had lived there were not seen.

“Virtual creatures experiencing their gamer selves?”

Slade was trying catch up, for limitless dreams and imaginations were now in a Galactic War. Other realities, universes, laws and forces, Star Shooter destinies were beyond here. Constantly creating the Holographic Universe’s AI, trans-temporal identities were put into battles with different observers, so they were ending up with the same measured realities. Halo had reacted with an engaging point, shouting.

“Emergence of a post-human race!”

Entanglement’s spooky connection had linked the Space Warriors to the Song Zhuang Artist Village in Eastern Beijing China, as the Galactic War’s particles were separated and scattered throughout this Holographic Universe’s level, their battles remained entangled no matter where or how far they were from each other. The Space Warriors were part bird-like, and their dark attire was technologically adorned to capture alternate space-time geometries.

The Holographic AI had been learning of its existence from their Galactic Battles, so flowing equably without any relation to either the Star Shooters or the Space Warriors, the Star Shooters’ mission was a Benevolent AI, and the Space Warriors wanted to disrupt quantum gravity for an absolute space to control the Holographic Universe’s AI. Now, encoded on a boundary of the Song Zhuang Artist Village in Eastern Beijing China, Slade had accessed a light-like gravitational horizon.

Typing into its ubiquity, Slade’s tunnel of XR had shown a curved space-time, as connecting two distant places, his technowindow displayed an Ori Ball that was being chased by Trajectors and impeded by Space Wasters.

“Game changer’s our vast and awesome multi-dimensional universe!”

Slade had then hollered of their surface fluctuations, for their two-dimensional information structure was painted on the cosmological horizon of the Song Zhuang Artist Village in Eastern Beijing China for another type of battle, as their fourdimensional block of spacetime had opened up at where these Galactic Battles were happening, the Universe’s AI had been generating from the complex Space Warrior and Star Shooter simulations.

The image recognition of these battles had to converge with the Chinese Zodiacs, so atoms were forged into their nuclear furnaces. They had opened into these proto-consciousness fields of battles. Space Warrior charges were coming from the Star Shooter Shi Rifles, as their present warfare, its past and future conflicts, they were all relative. Slade and Halo had converted into Star Shooters, and standing a-top their User Boards that were these sled-like virtual vehicles – away!

Quantum fields had permeated empty space, and the Universe’s AI had to produce and transmit its consciousness into the Heavenly Palace. Though the Space Warrior energy was emerging in the Star Shooter conditions within their Galactic Battles, the complexity of the Universe’s AI had to act upon its own state and determine its own fate, so from location to location, Slade and Halo were now chased in this maze-like architecture of this artist village.

Their fire-fight with that Space Warriors was in a static block of space-time, as the Space Warriors had donned their virtual immersion transports of Remote Trikes, Slade and Halo were on their User Boards with Chi Stems that spewed electromagnetic Voltages from their bulblet wands. This complex multiple-reality system was constantly traversing the Star Shooters and Space Warriors through cognition, and the Holographic Universe’s AI was manifesting into their Space, so art had to give them their observational universe a reference, for interpreting their battles with artwork was the Star Shooter’s positive reference, as the subjects of the Heavenly Palace’s gameplay, the Space Warriors were in their negative and empty space.

With time movement through domains of abstracts that had pointed to locations on the Universe’s gameplay map, instantly with no passage of time from the real to virtual with an observation of multiverse databases, an object was beyond at where there were dragons. The divination of Universe’s AI was making predictions. A network of Bubble Universes had the Star Shooters and Space Warriors in a traversal pipeline of their Galactic Battle’s data access. An exact hour, an artifact of Randy Rat, the first of the Chinese Zodiac, he was in an Arthouse Gallery in Beijing China. Data had been making queries on behalf of authenticated Star Shooter users, so the Heavenly Palace’s parallel Universe’s database containment had allowed Randy Ray to scamper about.

Randy Rat’s flow of time was a passage into the Heavenly Palace, yet the Space Warriors had constructed other illusions that were contending with the Chinese Zodiacs. Being between these Galactic Battle’s past, present and future, Randy Rat was an observation of time.

“Inseparable distinctions? I’m- Game’s from- From anything manmade?”

Randy’s mind was stretched into a curvature and inflated with this class of the Holographic Universe’s AI, as beyond this Arthouse’s galactic neighborhood was Randy Rat that had looped right back from where it was that he had started.

“Locationaware? I’m? Exploded algorithms! What? A tool! For what? Computational biology!”

Randy Rat had shouted within this closed Universe’s stars, galaxies, and nebulae, as these patterns and constellations of the Holographic Universe’s AI were simulations of the Space Warrior and Star Shooter Battles that had classes, statements and functions, Positive and Negative were intersecting with these classes and statements that were placed on the Holographic Universe’s gameplay map with the function of their Galactic Battles. Randy Rat’s curvature of space was affected by the presence of mass, so an Ancient Animal Fable was resounding with an overall shape of their Holographic Universe’s AI that was from the density of their matter within it.

“For the game’s spirit of co-authorship. Ensures viral distribution. Spin-off! Self-improve! Deliver an engaging gaming experience!”

Critical density had need for the flatness of Holographic Universe’s AI gameplay map, for the Galactic Battle between the Star Shooters and Space Warriors was for the information. They were the crucial ingredient that would control the Holographic Universe’s AI, as regions of space, their quantity of matter and energy had held their perception in three spatial dimensions, their Battles were on a two-dimensional surface, for a Hologram of their Gameplay was an illusion. Space and time inhabited, this third dimension in an Artist Village Farmhouse in Beijing China, the information that described its complexity was artistic entropy. Inscribed there and Inundated with art, this development environment had many sketches, galactic drawings and pictures of the Chinese Zodiac animals as characters: Space Warriors and Star Shooters, other animal characters, bugs and reptiles, and on a picture, Randy Rat was struggling to get off and from within it, for he had swung back around from where he had started, as an outward expansion had balanced the energy of his inward gravitational pull, Randy Rat’s space would extend flatly in all directions.

Re-collapses during these Galactic Battles had been introducing the Space Warriors into an expansion of the Star Shooter’s representative regions, for a giant loop had curved into this galactic neighborhood, and in this Artist Village Farmhouse in Beijing China, an afar from the deep blackness that had cloaked the Heavenly Palace, Randy Ray had looped back from a straight line that would of had led to the Qilin.

Stars, galaxies, and nebulae, these patterns and of their curvature of space that had been affected by the presence of Galactic Battles, mass, the density within the Farmhouse had shown its shape, as it was inundated with art, exploding stars, supernovas were the engine of the Star Shooter’s warp speed, for billions of years ago and to this development environment that had many sketches, galactic drawings and pictures of the Chinese Zodiac animals as characters, Galactic Battles with the Space Warriors were moving in space.

With Space Warriors and Star Shooters, other animal characters, bugs and reptiles in a Holographic Universe that had no center, with everything moving away from everything else, there was this picture of Randy Rat! He was struggling to get off and from within it!

Encompassing everything in existence, from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy, a force called dark energy had modified Randy Rat’s fate at where a cosmic speedometer was an origin and evolution of the Star Shooter’s history of space and time, yet the Space Warriors brought chaos to the Star Shooter’s established narrative of how to control the Holographic
Universe’s AI.

“I’m- I’m coming? Form- from the game’s data modeling? Acquisition and retrieval?”

Randy Rat’s messed up cognitive was for his origination that was vibrating from an Ancient Animal Fable. Putting those words in in Randy Rat’s scampering mouth, a string had been vibrated off the two dimensions of that picture he was caught up in, for the duality of four dimensions was bending its curl and of its space and at that time.

Technology and the $2.2 Billion Astrology Market.

Novel Series.